Seattle’s Winning Streak

Fresh from the success of Juma Seattle’s second-annual All-Star Benefit in September, Mason J. Moore, Seattle site director, started gearing up for another big night, this time at the Seattle Business Magazine’s Community Impact Awards, which honors Washington state businesses and organization that have made a meaningful social impact on their communities. Juma Seattle received top honors in Youth Development.

Mason attributes this award to Juma’s YouthConnect program and the innovative work with opportunity youth. While he admitted that there are other organizations doing great work, what set Juma apart, he believed was “being at the intersection of business and philanthropy.”

“The work that we’re doing is the future of corporate social responsibility,” he said. “In supporting organizations like Juma, companies like Bank of America, Costco, and the Starbucks are not only doing good in the world—they’re effectively supporting organizations that are preparing their future workforce. So it’s great for their bottom line, too. It’s great business practice.”

Mason said he’s most excited about getting out in front of the business leaders who will be in attendance and encourage individuals to get involved not just through philanthropy but personally, “to really advocate for youth by mentoring and volunteering—it’s pivotal.”