Juma’s National Board of Directors Welcomes Caroline Dechert, Susan Hopkinson, and Lori A. Rianda

We are excited to welcome Caroline Dechert, Susan Hopkinson and Lori A. Rianda, to Juma’s National Board of Directors:

Caroline Dechert is a Vice President on the healthcare investing team at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, a private equity firm, and prior to that worked at Morgan Stanley in the investment banking division. She will be joining the Board’s Enterprise Committee to which she brings a strong background in economics and finance as well as prior board experience as she helped establish the Junior Board of the Child Center of New York.  

Susan Hopkinson is the co-founder of HigherRing, a B Corporation that provides small businesses with outsourcing services including customer care, tech support, and back-office task management. Susan is a seasoned investment professional with financial and due diligence knowledge as well as an analytical data-based focus on sustainability. She will be joining the Board’s Development Committee to which she also brings a strong background working with various non-profit organizations in roles ranging from business advising to fundraising.

Lori A. Rianda is a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business & Community Engagement for Bank of America in Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto. Lori is responsible for the Marketing and Environmental Social Governance strategy and the team that drives brand favorability and revenue growth. She brings a wealth of governance expertise to her role on the Juma Board Governance Committee as well as extensive prior board experience–including her experience serving on the Juma Sacramento Local Advisory Board.