In my first several weeks as a vendor it started out a bit difficult, trying to reach my goal of selling all of my product but after about a week, I adjusted and it became surprisingly easy to me.


I’ve had great work experience at Juma which helped me get ready for my current job at Starbucks. For example, in situations such as dealing with an unsatisfied or angry customer, I knew exactly how to handle it and what to say to make sure the positive energy flowed throughout the work space. I learned how to cope with responsibilities, such as coming into work on time and working in a very high paced environment at Seahawk games. This caused me to improve my job performance overall.

Juma also provided some very useful classes, one being mock interviews. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have aced this interview with Starbucks without the helping hand of Alyssa and Mark at Juma. They provided me and several other Juma youth employees with information on job fairs and eventually gave us all a ride to South Seattle College for a successful experience with my first Job Fair.

Some of my future goals are to become a coffee master at Starbucks–that being my long term goal. And finishing up school to get ready for college.

Success to me is the way you handle situations and go about your day creating the most positive environment for not only yourself, but the people around you. Positivity is what motivates me and the main thing that boosts my confidence.


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