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Sweet Treats with a Mission

Steep is a youth-run and led boba and ice cream shop focused on management and leadership training for young people from underserved communities in San Francisco. Owned by Juma Ventures, a nonprofit social enterprise that operates businesses with the purpose of employing young people and putting them on track to career success, Steep is serving sweets with a mission.

About Juma

At Juma, we know that a job can  be transformative. Juma youth EARN a paycheck, LEARN to manage their money and gain essential skills like responsibility, teamwork and how to communicate in the workplace. Ultimately, we CONNECT them to their next job or educational opportunity and set them on a path to a career.

In 1993, Juma Ventures launched its first social enterprise: a single ice cream shop in San Francisco. The initial enterprise gave homeless youth the support and job experience they needed to transition to a stable adulthood. With proof that a first job was a critical building block to a thriving, financially stable future, Juma sought to scale and thus expanded. Juma has since grown from a job-training and placement program serving a handful of youth to a comprehensive, award-winning, national youth development organization and is considered one of the nation’s premier social enterprises. 

Today, Juma owns 20+ social enterprise operations and serves up to 650 low-income youth per year in four cities: Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. Partnering with major sports and entertainment venues, asset-building, and educational partners across the country, Juma offers youth: employment, financial capability, career coaching, and connections to education and career pathways.

Since 1993, Juma has...

Who have earned more than $13 million in wages

Employed more than 

10,000 youth

And generated over $40 million in enterprise revenue

Juma & Steep

In 2021 Juma acquired Steep in order to provide more shifts and additional training opportunities to young people with greater income needs.

Steep was originally founded by Juma alumni Alvin and Angela Yu. After completing Juma’s program and earning their respective college degrees the couple decided to pursue their entrepreneurial passion. When they decided to leave the Bay Area to move closer to family, they sold Steep to Juma in an effort to give back and continue providing opportunities to young people. We know this story will only inspire our youth by providing a solid example of the power of their first Juma Job.

Juma’s vision is for Steep to become the next iteration of the Juma Job- by creating a comprehensive youth-focused Management and Leadership Training Lab. High-potential youth will fully manage a business enterprise that will provide a deeper opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, business operations, and decision-making skills. This program will consist of instruction through workshops on topic areas such as Developing a Business Plan, Developing a Marketing Plan, Principles of Supervision and Management, and Best Practices on Loss Prevention. 

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