It took Juma 27 years to grow from a single Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop to our footprint of more than twenty venues spanning six cities — all to shut down overnight. So in early 2021 we knew we had a herculean effort ahead of us — reopening and restarting social enterprises across dozens of venues in a matter of months.

In many ways, Juma was made for this moment. We believe in the power of work because we know that a job is more than just a way to pass the time and earn some money. There is dignity in work. You learn about others through work. You learn about yourself. There are so many critical life skills to be developed, whether communication, conflict management or personal responsibility — that will apply in any aspect of a young person's life. One of the concepts we teach is growth mindset — the belief that you can adapt, grow and overcome challenges. We believe in the potential of young people because we see Juma youth do this every day, and in 2021 — all of Juma rose to the occasion.

The enterprise re-opening environment was dynamic, but we persevered and succeeded, and were so thrilled to create opportunities for youth to get back to work and back to learning. This would not have been possible without our community of donors, volunteers, and board members. Thank you for your enduring support.

Youth Demographics






Are Low-Income

Have been enrolled in the Foster Care System

Have experienced Temporary Housing or Homelessness*

Have had involvement with the Juvenile Justice System

Have reported experiencing challenges with Mental Health

Reported income is less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines

*Note: an additional 48% of youth respondents declined to answer the question.






Transgender/Gender Nonconforming




African American/Black












Finding the Silver Lining: Daniel’s Juma Story

For Daniel, a senior in High School in San Francisco, the pandemic had already been challenging when his father suddenly lost his job and a burst pipe in their home forced he and his family to flee to a nearby hotel. Spotty internet access in their temporary accomodation left Daniel feeling disconnected from school while he also took on the task of translating for his parents to interface with their home insurance company and landlord. But through Juma, Daniel found a flexible way to earn income to help support his family through their time of need while learning skills like budgeting, saving, building credit, interviewing for jobs, and crafting a resume.

At Juma, Daniel accessed a supportive community who believed in him. While his senior year of high school was uniquely challenging, today he is grateful for what those experiences taught him. “It helped me mature as a person,” he recalls. In addition to the time management skills he learned from balancing school, helping out at home, and working at Juma, he also learned that it's ok to seek out a helping hand. In the future, Daniel dreams of becoming  a lawyer. “I want to help underrepresented people and make sure their voices are heard,” he explains.



In 2021, we began life in a post-covid world. While new precautions require flexibility and patience, our youth welcome the opportunity to 

re-engage with work and continue to rise to the challenge.

Of Juma youth reported difficulties paying for necessities like food, medical care, and housing due to the pandemic.

Challenges Reported by Youth as a Result of the Covid-19 Pandemic


Access to Food

Access to Healthcare


Access to Housing/Shelter


Access to Technology (Computer/Internet)


Access to Childcare



Reduced Income or Unemployment


Juma Youth worked over


hours, learning key skills as they earned income.

Collectively, they earned over


in wages and stipends

and continued their learnings through


workshops across six juma sites.

Essential Career Skills

 I love learning new things. Even if I’ve learned a skill already, there’s always something new to learn about it, like the last Juma workshop I attended where we learned about code switching—that’s something I’ve been doing all my life but now I know how to talk about it.

customer service, problem solving, teamwork

Job Readiness Skills

communication, resume writing, interviewing

Financial Capability

budgeting, saving, building credit

Career Exploration

career tours, career panels, jumalink

Hard Work Pays Off: Brittany's Juma Story

When a job at Wal-Mart turned out to be a bad fit, Brittany worried about where she would get the money she needed to help her family pay bills. Fortunately, Juma was there to give Brittany a chance to earn income while moving toward a bright  future. At Juma, Brittany worked hard and enjoyed the support of her managers and peers. Soon, that work paid off when she was promoted to a management role.

"Of all the jobs I’ve had, this is the first one where I ever had a chance to move up into a higher role. It proved to me that hard work really does pay off,” she said. Brittany credits Juma with teaching her how to work patiently toward a goal and credits her managers specifically with helping her to learn consistency by modeling the skill themselves. She's looking forward to a future in which she has a degree hanging on her wall, and in the meantime, grateful to be working with a team that supports her current and future goals.

SINCE 1993

9,775 Youth Served

More than $13 Million in Youth Wages

Nearly $40 Million in Enterprise Revenue

Taking on a First Internship: Kenneth's Juma Story

Kenneth found Juma at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. He was grateful for the opportunity to earn an income when job openings were few and far between, especially for new workers. He took full advantage of Juma's online programming, learning skills like communication and teamwork while connecting with a group of supportive peers. Thanks to his accomplishments in those workshops, Kenneth was well-prepared when pandemic restrictions lifted and Juma Seattle connecred him to an internship with a local small business: The Seattle Barkery. At this dog-centric bakery, Kenneth put his communication and customer service skills into practice.

As someone who is naturally shy, Kenneth found new ways to come out of his shell while supporting the Barkery's human and canine customers. Earning a paycheck was a comfort for Kenneth and his family. He quickly learned to be conscious of his spending and began setting aside as much as possible from his checks to help cover future college-related expenses. He also contributed to savings for a family-wide goal of buying a house. “My parents take a lot of pride in me for being able to earn my own money at such a young age,” Kenneth says.

2021 Financials

Contributed Revenue Sources

















PPP2 Loan












*Operating surplus dedicated to COVID re-opening efforts

Paying it Forward: Essence's Juma Story

Essence was always driven to succeed. At age 16, when she heard about Juma from a school counselor, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. In her role at Juma, she challenged herself and grew, earning the title of Vendor Manager. After graduating high school, she went on to use the skills she learned at Juma to support herself as a manager at Starbucks. After several successful years there, she was excited to hear from her former Juma manager about an opening on Juma's adult staff.

Today, she's Juma Seattle's full-time Enterprise Manager and she loves paying it forward. “It was an honor to know Juma wanted me back in that environment,” said Essence. “The youth managers are all women right now and that motivates me even more because I can see myself in them. I see where I started and I know what they can become and I’m so excited to be a part of that. I’m motivated to push them the way I was pushed back then.”





$500-999 Continued

$100-249 Continued


Camille Kissberthand Zach Dubin

Kathy Lasota

Beatrice Liang and Richard Cordiner

Suzanne and Rich Liu

Michael Lyngaas

Jesse Lyons and Stefanie TignorAndy and June Monach

Kevin Obana

Pat Morales

Daniel Reed

Lilly Reid and Matt Shirley

Lori Rianda

Dan Schulman

Fiona Smythe

Karen Sommerich

Marc Spencer

Kurt Stammberger

Susan Stone

Susan and Steve Van Liere

Christopher and Stacy Wencel

Barbara and Chris Wilson

Jennifer and Andrew Wilson

Lexie Woolley

Kara Parker

Alan Pao

Kenny Pate

Eric Pauley

Cosmin Pitigoi

Jennifer Pruski

Linda Raffo

Carrie Ramage

Kristina Reed

Elizabeth and Scott Roberts

Brendan Rogers

Anne Rosenthal

Lisa Ryan

Harriet Saks

Linda Schaale

Ladan Schlichting

Lorri Schulte

Jan Scully Royse

Jim and Marjorie Shannon

Sachin Sharma

Bonnie Shea

Shannon Shrewsbury

Tim Sicocan

Kimberley Silvers

Ram Singh

Mary Sky

Kara Smyth

Roni Stover

Patricia Sturdevant

Nicholas Subias

Marcia Tennyson

Cindy Thao

Lindsay Thornton

Jacquie Tye

Trude Vasquez

Michaeline Veden

Kim Vu

Linda Waits

Deanna Witzgall

Anita Whitfield

Emily Wong

Lexie Yacoel

Kathy Wikstrom

Lydia Zeidner

Xiaodi Zhang

Miranda Zhu

Gretchen Zience

Sonya Zindel

$25,000- 49,999

Ahsha and Dylan Haggart

Clara Jong


Willie and Peggy Alford

Susan Hopkinson-Fishman

Jane Thornton



Adriane and Michael Armstrong

Ara and Michelle Chackerian

Paul and Angela Clemmons

Kurt and Julie Hauser

Lee and Perry Smith

Michael and Polly Wong

Zakem Coaching

Jamie Zakem



Keith Belling

Steve and Ifen Carlson

Caroline and Michael Dechert

Rich Hake and Christine Colladay

Carolyn and Kevin Holt

Patrice Martin and Nathan Wilson

Sarah and Stuart McAllister

Cheryl House and Peter Meyn

Ali Pace

Betsy and Bill Pace

Jason and Nachele Pearl

Amy Schioldager

Lockey Todd and Jim Guitteau

Debra and Paul Underwood

Stephen Wolfe and Claire McConnell

Kristopher Wong

Lars Ahlstrom

Kim Bausback

Melissa and Nick Beach

Jennifer and Sean Bill

Jeffrey and Martha Blue

Amanda Catala

Kathleen and Richard Cerf

Scott Collyer

Deb Cook

Colin and Jennifer Cooper

Crypto Adoption Fund

Kriss Deiglmeier and Samir Tuma

Sarah Evans

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Alexander and Wendy Fraser

Chris and Erika Gilbert

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Diana and John Miller

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Karen Bals and Stephen Lockhart

Cynthia Burks and Brian Lowery

Christie Carlson and Kurt Lindorfer

Fred Chung and Merritt Richmond

Andrea Coen and Michael Neidert

Cara Connors and Ian Gamble

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Brian Elliott and Maureen McAvoy

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Christopher and Stephanie Lee

Ed Malloy

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Jamiu Abdsalami

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Zoeann Barbier

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