In many ways, 2022 was a foundational year for Juma. We rebuilt our social enterprise operations to pre-pandemic levels, we secured our largest grants to date to support our core YouthConnect program, and we spent the second half of the year reflecting on the progress made since our last strategic plan in 2017, which set us on our course to build YouthConnect. Through this strategic planning process, we examined the elements of our Theory of Change that we have built, and identified the remaining pieces of our model that are still aspirational. We charted a course to build measurement systems that both align with our Theory of Change and will enable us to prove impact in the years to come.

This effort is experienced by youth as the workshops they attend, the skills they’re able to build, and the changes they have in their confidence and self-efficacy. The efforts put into rebuilding our social enterprises result in the number of youth we can serve, the hours they work, the wages they earn, and the community they build as they set out on their career paths.

Every metric reported below is the direct result of our intentional effort to serve youth in the ways they need us the most, through an impact platform of a sustainable social enterprise. Thank you for your support as we lay the foundation to accelerate this impact, supporting youth and strengthening our communities for all.






Alex: Looking for a Job & Finding Community

When Alex lost his job and needed to find another source of income, he turned to Juma. He didn't realize when he accepted the job offer that he'd just embarked on a journey through which he would find community, a supportive place to grow, and a team of people rooting for him as he took on the major challenges of transitioning into adulthood. "When I first started at Juma I didn’t think I’d be here long; I was going to look for another job,” recalls Alex. 

“But as I got to know the people I realized I wanted to stay. The people made a big impact. Every other place I’ve worked hasn’t had this camaraderie or positive energy." Today, Alex is working toward his bachelors degree while still earning income at Juma with the flexibility he needs to invest in his future. “I wish Juma had been my first job because I think my career would’ve been off to a way smoother start if I was in an environment as structured and as supportive as Juma."

“I would talk to people [at Juma] who I wouldn’t expect to have anything in common with and then learn about the things they go through. Hearing about them gives me a better perspective and also helps me to be grateful for what I have and to want to do more for others."

Looking Toward a Post-Covid Future


In 2022, we began to envision a fully post-covid future, but it is not a future without challenges. Inflation, a rapidly changing job market, and economic changes have made the transition from youth to young adulthood uniquely challenging.

Of Juma youth reported difficulties paying for necessities like food, medical care, and housing due to the pandemic.

Challenges Reported by Youth as a Result of the Covid-19 Pandemic


Mental Health

Reduced Income or Unemployment



Access to Food

Access to Technology (Computer/Internet)



Access to Transportation

Earning & Learning

Juma Youth worked over


hours, learning key skills as they earned income.

Collectively, they earned nearly

$1.2 Million

in wages and stipends

and continued their learnings through


workshops across six juma sites.

Essential Career Skills

customer service, problem solving, teamwork

Juma helped me do things I probably never would've thought I could do.

Job Readiness Skills

communication, resume writing, interviewing

Financial Capability

budgeting, saving, building credit

Career Exploration

career tours, career panels, jumalink

Steep Creamery & Tea: Boba for Good

In 2021, Juma acquired Steep Creamery and Tea. Founded by two Juma alums, Steep was an ideal venture to help Juma youth gain confidence and expand their skillsets. As a youth-run and led enterprise, Steep creates opportunities to gain experience in management and leadership. The success of Steep as a learning laboratory has made it a popular work location for juma youth at in-stadium locations in San Jose and San Francisco. 

This year, we've continued work to refine our approach to youth development at Steep. We've implemented new processes and procedures and new products  as well as significantly expanding our in-stadium footprint. In addition, we've continued to provide catering services to Bay Area businesses to offer even more work opportunities for youth. If you're in the Bay Area, we hope you'll come enjoy a boba drink, ice cream, or delicious bubble waffle!



 270 Brannan St.


3491 Valencia St.

Youth Demographics





Have been enrolled in the Foster Care System

Have experienced Temporary Housing or Homelessness*

Have had involvement with the Juvenile Justice System

Have reported experiencing challenges with Mental Health

*Note: 32% of youth respondents declined to answer the question.












African American/Black







SINCE 1993

10,315 Youth Served

More than $14 Million in Youth Wages

Over $42 Million in Enterprise Revenue

Leslie: Building Confidence with Intentional Support

Due to Covid-19, Leslie spent her junior year of high school at home learning through a screen. As the world began to open back up, she was ready to jump at the opportunity to earn a paycheck while working toward a brighter future. Growing up, Leslie shared a studio apartment with her sister and both of their parents until high school when their hard work finally paid off and they were able to move into a bigger space. Watching her parents gave Leslie the confidence to know her own hard work would pay off.

At Juma, she met mentors like her program coordinator and supervisor at the stadium. She also found support with Juma's education cordinator. Together, the team were there for Leslie as she navigated her final year of high school. Through her time at Juma, she built confidence—even taking on a major role at Juma's Annual Gala. Through the support she found, Leslie grew and found her way toward the future she knew she could build through the hard work that set her up for success.

"Sometimes resources are hard to come across and intimidating to find but I am lucky enough to have a great support system."

2022 Financials

Contributed Revenue Sources



























Trinidad: Growing and Learning On and Off the Job

Trinidad had always enjoyed talking to people and being in the center of the action, so when a representative from Juma gave a presentation at her school, she knew it was a win-win: grow her skills, earn income, and experience the magic and energy of professional sports venues. While her first day was nerve-wracking, it was also exhilarating. Over time, she learned the ropes of the ballpark and also how to open up to her coworkers who would become friends.

While the Covid-19 pandemic put working at the ballpark on hold, she was still happy to learn skills like resume-writing and professional communication through Juma’s online workshops. “The resume writing workshop showed me how words can change the way that you’re perceived,” she explains. Trinidad also learned the ropes of personal finance. Today, she puts away a little bit of her income from each paycheck––money she hopes will come in handy when she moves out and heads off to college.

"It felt like we were all in this together so there was no need to be shy…being in a new type of situation helped me break down my boundaries and get to know other Juma youth."





Anupam and Kavita Mishra

$500-$999 Cont'd.

$1,000-2,499 Cont'd.

Eileen and Thurman White

Ventura Family

Alexandra Woolley

Noah Zamansky

Arnold Lee

Jen Lee

Julie Lewis

Jake and Maile Lindstrom

Michael Logan-Antares

Jack and Cindy Love

Billy Manning

Jennifer Mason

Andrea Molinari

Manuel and Vanessa Morfin

Dale Morris

Stephen Sr. and Mary Norris

Peter Ostrow

Danny Pan

Denise Parker

Alex Poplawski

Louis Proietto

Joshua Rai

Anthony Rodriguez

Maureen Sarewitz

Catherine Senderling

Mary Ann Serrano

Jim and Marjorie Shannon

Sachin Sharma

Wendy Sinton

Nicholas Subias

Laurie and Kevin Tempest

Mo McGuire and Matthew Thornton

Lorna Thornton

Dawn Trinh

Justin Valentine

Susan Wheeler

Amy Whitelaw

Kelly Yu

$25,000- 49,999

Willie and Peggy Alford II

Ahsha and Dylan Haggart


Doug and Leslie Barry

Howard and Saunjah Brantley

Mark Breimhorst

Kevin Burdick

Timothy Chan

Susan Dechert

Tara DeRosa

Gail Dolton

Nathan Fenner

Michael George

Brandi Gleason

Abbey Ibrahim

Nicole Inouye

Jennifer and Sean Jeffries

Whitney Kelly

Hugh and Kristin Klein

Allen Koh

Elizabeth Majoch

Jamil Soriano and Rachel Misick

Andrew and June Monach

Megan Hover and Cory Nelson

Kendra and Sean O'Donoghue

Senthil Padmanabhan

Janette Pang

Megan Pickett

James Binder and Miles Randy

Sheau-Lan Reed

Robin and Jake Reynolds

Lori Rianda

Sanobar Sajan

Jay Schenirer

Karen Sommerich

Jennifer Sorrells

Gloria Lopez-Obeso and William Thompson

Eddie Truong

Bridget Waluch

Zhe Wu


Michael and Adriane Armstrong

Paul and Angela Clemmons

Caro and Nate Grossman

Lockey Todd and Jim Guitteau

Susan Hopkinson

Damaune and Katrina Journey

Cynthia Burks and Brian Lowery

Stephen Wolfe and Claire McConnell

Cheryl House and Peter Meyn

Amy Schioldager

Lee and Perry Smith

Jane Thornton

Kristopher Wong


Rachael Allison

Keith Belling

Peter Boneparth

Danny Briskin

Steve and Ifen Carlson

Edward and Jacqueline Garcia

Rhona O'Leary and Eric Gard

Alison Pace

Jason and Nachele Pearl

Fred Chung and Merritt Richmond

Maxwell and Randi Saffian

Debra and Paul Underwood

Abdiel and Jonathan Cerrud Waugh

Patrice Martin and Nathan Wilson

Michael and Victoria Winnick

Michael and Polly Wong


Ariel Abir

Sahil Agarwal

Amanda Arcila

David Azen

Randi Bagley

Arik Bird

Dalton Blackmore

Neil Boneparth

Pamela Boneparth

Sarah Bostrom

Gabrielle Brook

Scott Buckstaff

Alyshia Patel and Andrew Buffelen

Robin Burdick

Michael Castaneda

Victoria Chavez

Ferguson Cherry

Julia Cobb

Daniel Cooper

Kianah Corey

Eric Crane

Isabela De

Tally Delmore

Jane Dougall

Jacqueline Eagan

Brenda Elitzin

Dana Ellsworth

Felipe Espino

Carter Ferratt

Donna Franklin

Pamela Fuller

Zaheeda Gagan

Sarah-Michael Gaston

Matthew Goodman

Kontessa Graham

Christine Hine

Allison Joe

Erica Kashiri

Anjali Khetan

Deanna Kigar

Arthur King

Sallee LaBonte

Brinn Langdale

Evan Lee

Theresa Noriega-Lum and Gary Lum

David Margetts

Macbeth McFarland

Jonathan Menashe

Rahul Mishra

Marci Mitchell

Mason and Amelia Moore

Nia Mooreweathers

Alan Morcos

Josh Morgan

John O'Neill

Gena Palmieri

Siddhant Patel

Donal Paul

Syonia Peterson

Cassie Reyes

Paul Richard

Queenie Ruan

Julie Ruvolo

Carrie Schleicher

Dillon Schoen

Beverly Scott

Wayne Sharpe

Izsak Sheft

Alexander Shoor

Colleen Sords

Mark Standley

Carly Stern

Hilary Taylor

Joseph Theisen

Toni Troyer

Katelyn Turtletaub

Brittany Weiler

Andrew and Carolyn Weir

Lisa Whiting

Christopher Whitney

Heidi Williams

Megan Wygant

Erik York

Nancy Young



Gunnar and Anna Counselman

Caroline and Michael Dechert

Shannon Fallon

Matthew and Ayanna Forsythe

Scott and Erika Garell

Margaret Grunow

Cecyl Wilbert Hobbs and Katherine Hobbs Jackson

Julia and Reginald Lee

Karen Bals and Stephen Lockhart

Andrea Coen and Michael Neidert

Michael and Annette Pearson

Dorian Webb and Keith Spears

John and Liz Willingham


Melissa and Nick Beach

Francis Poole and Tracy Christensen

Nathan Cleveland

Olivia Dawes

Kenneth Dechert

Andrea Dooley

Kela Driggs

Katelyn Dunn

Alexander and Wendy Fraser

Catherine Geerhart

Chris and Erika Gilbert

Sasha Gourevitch

Erin Graupmann

Francisco Guijarro

Herbert and Gertrude Halverstadt

James Keddy and Gina Martinez-Keddy

Steven Keirn

John Killpack and Keith Lesnick

Rick and Cynthia Lopes

Ammar Maraqa

Ana and Tommy McMahon

Coleen Morehead

Stephen Norris

Brandon Banks and Simi Pandher

Evelyn Robinson

Lauren Rood

David Sebba

Mythily Sivarajah

Jennifer Tobiason

Kriss Deiglmeier and Samir Tuma

Lee and Tali Zimmerman


Maura Abernathy

Julia Allen

Niti and Montu Bashambu

Sarah Bloem

Norman and Linda Boone

Mei and Herald Chen

Julie Cheng

Brian and Sally Chess

Charles and Karen Couric

Michael Damphousse

Lucia Fernandez-Palacios and Matt Davis

Dominic and Andrea DeVincenzi

Mante Dzakuma

Anna Fabian

Franco and Michelle Finn

Eric and Erin Fish

William Fleming

Cindy Freimuth

Cara Connors and Ian Gamble

Evelyn and Lawrence Gamble

Stanley and Angie Hebert

Laureen Hidalgo

Carolyn and Kevin Holt

Steven and Celia House

Tionka Humphrey

Teresa and David Korol

Christopher and Stephanie Lee

David and Julie Levine

Jennifer Lynch

Roberta and Carter McConnell

Mark McKane

Sonja Moelleken

Gail Moody-Byrd

Charles Moore

Patricia Morales

Frederick and Kathryn Oshay

Betsy and Bill Pace

Lizze Pace

Walt and Sara Packard

Ashley and Ted Paff

Paisley Family

Matt and Deirdre Pharr

Lorenzo and Julia Robleto

Michael Rolig

Kate Rood

Aziz and Amanda Sayigh

Andy and Stacey Scott

Patricia Duffy and Leslie Sherman

Karl and Angel Shum

Quinn and Ellen Slack

Scott M and Dina Smith

Michael Stallone

Susan Stone

Jennifer Summerhays

Angela Szymusiak

Eileen Thau

Libby and Adam Tracy

Gregory VandenBosch


David Thornton and Ferit Albukrek

Ali Alford

Jael Silva Arroyo

Stuart and J.R. Beeson

Jamie Brandt

Alena Byers and Byron Brummel

Matt Burke

Chantal Byrne

Nathan Carzon

Amanda Catala

Kaylene Co

Susan A and Robert Coen

Kathleen Coughlin

Trevor and Brittany Derrett

Sylvia and Robert Dickinson

Brenda Elitzin

Pratusha Erraballi

Brittany Estrada

Delia Estrada

Robin Filpula

Ellen Fireman

Mildred Gardner

Miles Gotcher

Warren and Shelley Grafstein

Eric Gravenberg

Renae Griffin

Amy Havens

Brian Heller de Leon

Katie Hobson

Donald Allison and Sumiko Ito

Rushabh Jajodia

David Jasso

Jayson Johnson

Talia Shani Kaufman

Tanya Khaiyanun

Rita Kilby

Margot Kong

Jonathan and Mariesa Lea

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Alaska Airlines

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Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

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