For Youth


Why Juma?

Juma offers youth a great opportunity to work and make career dreams a reality. We offer employment opportunities, the chance to build workplace skills, training on how to manage money and save, counseling to develop a plan for building a career and connections to jobs and education opportunities to help get there.

  • Employment at one of our concession businesses in a major sporting or entertainment venue
  • Job skills training
  • Financial guidance
  • Career tours
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Career exploration and coaching
  • Connection to an alumni network of support

Who Can Apply

You can apply to become a Juma Youth if you are between 16-24 years old (depending on the city where you are applying)

We give special consideration to youth who:

  • Have experienced homelessness or temporary housing
  • Have been involved in the foster care system
  • Have a juvenile or criminal justice history


Apply Now:

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locationJuma is not accepting applications for this site at this time.
locationJuma is not accepting applications for this site at this time.


Success Story

Meet Devyon


Before entering Juma, Devyon Johnson, an 18-year-old Atlanta youth disconnected from school and work, faced difficulties finding stable employment. Although he had graduated from high school, his limited work experience became a barrier that prevented him from securing permanent, long-term employment.  

Devyon first heard about Juma through his mentor at the National Urban League who encouraged him to apply to the program to gain essential job and professional skills. Excited by the opportunity to earn money and build up his resume, Devyon applied and successfully enrolled in Juma.“The first day working for Juma, I was incredibly nervous,” he recalls, “but I soon realized that everyone was as well.”  

“Through teamwork, communication and self-assurance, we all made it through the day. It was hard work but the passionate fans and mentors gave me energy to power through it,” Devyon says. After only a month with Juma, Devyon was promoted from Food Prep and soon thereafter to a Stand Manager.  

His dedication to the job, his willingness to go above what was expected of him and his attention to detail were characteristics that made him stand out to Juma’s Enterprise Managers.After successfully completing Juma’s training program, Devyon secured a job at UPS, a Juma Atlanta job placement partner. Today, Devyon has stable employment and, after successfully passing UPS’ Supervisor Exam, became a Shift Manager.  

He thanks Juma for providing him the foundation to succeed in the professional field. “Juma has taught me everything I know about what it means to be a professional,” he says. “One day I hope to own my own business and help others like me, who just need a helping hand to succeed in life.”