For Youth


Why Juma?

Juma offers youth a great opportunity to work and make career dreams a reality. We offer employment opportunities, the chance to build workplace skills, training on how to manage money and save, counseling to develop a plan for building a career and connections to jobs and education opportunities to help get there.

  • Employment at one of our concession businesses in a major sporting or entertainment venue
  • Job skills training
  • Financial guidance
  • Career tours
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Career exploration and coaching
  • Connection to an alumni network of support

Who Can Apply

You can apply to become a Juma Youth if your household is low-income* and you are between 16-24 years old (depending on the city where you are applying)

We give special consideration to youth who:

  • Have experienced homelessness or temporary housing
  • Have been involved in the foster care system
  • Have a juvenile or criminal justice history

*Note that we use county level data on who is considered low-income to determine eligibility. This is based on information from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. More info can be found here


Apply Now:

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