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“Juma’s rigorous workforce training program really prepares young adults to excel at Starbucks. They have the personalities to engage our customers, cultivate great teams, and enhance overall employee satisfaction.”

Jackie Liao
Director of Community Investments and Executive Director, The Starbucks Foundation



“Over the last 10 years, we have built a strong business partnership with Juma. Their young adults show amazing grit, drive, and dedication to the work. We are thrilled to call them a preferred vendor.”

Brian Starsiak
West Regional Sales Manager, Nestle




Meet Juma Graduates



Alexander’s Story

Juma Ventures helped me transition to adulthood by offering me my first job at 16 years old selling ice cream and coffee at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. I opened my first bank account, created a monthly budget, and completed financial literacy training. Their rigorous workforce and professional training program…

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Anthony’s Story

Born to a teenage single mother and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, I learned the value of education, hard-work, and sacrifice early in life. I am determined to expand my knowledge of the world, uncover its systemic inequalities, and discover solutions to ending the cycle of poverty…

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Jasenia’s Story

When I was growing up my family faced several challenges, including drug abuse and domestic violence. A college education didn’t seem possible for me as it had not been for past generations in my family. In spite of this, as I approached my sophomore year in high school, I was determined to lead a different life…

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